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welcomeHero Miles is the right destination if you like to see how people give recognition to aspiring people who serves our country. With this website, you can be aware of everything about every heroes we have that really contributed for the sake of our countrymen.

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Nunes tops Hero Miles donation list in Congress

Some soldiers in Iraq anxious to return to loved ones on two-week leave will get a free ride from Rep. Devin Nunes, who donated more than 100,000 frequent flyer miles today.

Soldiers granted leave are flown from Germany to one of three major airports for free by the military. But the soldiers are then responsible for flights the rest of the way to other U.S. destinations. The average cost of a domestic, round-trip ticket is about half of an Army private’s monthly salary. So, Operation Hero Miles was established to collect unused frequent flyer miles to donate to the servicemen and women. This facebook page is a good source for latest news about this topic.

“This is the very least I could do to help our brave soldiers serving overseas,” Mr. Nunes said. “I challenge anyone with any amount of frequent flyer miles to follow my example and donate them to this very worthy cause.”

The donation of more than 112,000 frequent flyer miles Friday by Nunes and staff members was nearly double the previous highest amount by a congressional office. Nunes’ donation will buy at least four round-trip tickets for military personnel.

In September 2003, the Pentagon started giving soldiers stationed in Iraq two-week leaves in the largest rest and relaxation program since the Vietnam War.

Ruppersberger Announces “Operation Hero Miles” Hits Thanksgiving Eve Milestone 133 Million Miles = 5,350 Free Tickets for Troops

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Maryland) is proud to announce “Operation Hero Miles” has hit a milestone on the eve of Thanksgiving. More than 133 million frequent flyer miles have been donated to this program that helps troops on Rest and Relaxation (R and R) from Iraq or emergency leave fly home for free. The generosity of thousands of travelers this holiday season means soldiers can get 5,350 free plane tickets allowing them to spend quality time with family and friends without worrying about how much it will cost. Feel free to get updates from this Twitter Profile everyday.

“On the eve of Thanksgiving, more than 5,000 men and women in uniform can give thanks for the generosity of thousands of Americans who donated their frequent flyer miles so the troops can be reunited with their families for the holidays. Americans across the country are stepping up in amazing numbers. This overwhelming response to ‘Operation Hero Miles’ has been absolutely amazing and inspiring and it means even more during the holidays,” said Congressman Ruppersberger.

American Airlines and AAdvantage Members Team Up to Donate Miles to U.S. Soldiers Coming Home fro the Holidays

When American Airlines announced on Veteran’s Day that it would join Operation Hero Miles by donating 10 million AAdvantage® miles to jump start the program supporting U.S. troops traveling home for the holidays, the airline invited its AAdvantage members to contribute miles as well. In a true showing of generosity, AAdvantage customers have rallied to contribute an additional 10 million miles.

Under the Iraqi Freedom Rest and Relaxation (R&R) Program, military charter flights transport soldiers on emergency or R&R leave from Kuwait to Baltimore/Washington, Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth airports. Soldiers are responsible for paying for travel to destinations beyond these entry points. Follow more news at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Second-to-None-Models/1390697321261144.

AAdvantage miles donated by American Airlines and its AAdvantage members will help these heroes get home to family and friends without additional expense.

“When we announced our participation, we knew many of our AAdvantage customers would want to contribute miles, ” said President and Chief Executive Officer Gerard Arpey. “We opened the program to them, and the response has been tremendous. AAdvantage members donated two million miles in the first five days, and a total of 10 million miles have been donated in less than a month, demonstrating the true generosity of the American spirit.”

Congressional Study Says R&R Funding Inadequate

The Maryland Congressman who started a program to help U.S. troops fly home on donated frequent flyer miles says a new report from the Library of Congress reveals that a plan for the government to begin paying for the flights falls short of the funds required. There are more tips on this page so please check it out.

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) released a memo from the Library’s Congressional Research Service (CRS), which says the $55 million recently appropriated by Congress to pay for soldier’s domestic flights, “…is not sufficient to ensure each and every service member on R&R would receive travel assistance to his or her home.” The report noted that officials of the Department of Defense told CRS that the total cost of a program to pay for R&R travel all the way home would mean the $55 million would run out in a matter of a few months.

A report in this week’s edition of the Army Times says that none of the $55 million approved by Congress last month has been spent while the Department of Defense re-writes government travel regulations. Pentagon officials told the Times that process would take weeks more. Meanwhile, more than 3,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines each week are returning home and paying for their own domestic flights.

“The $55 million is a good first step, but it is not enough. It appears not a single soldier will realize the benefit of this funding before Christmas or even the end of the year. The American flying public needs to understand that our men and women in uniform in Iraq need their donated miles today,” Ruppersberger said.

Ruppersberger said he would lead an effort in Congress to increase the funding for domestic R&R travel whenever the Pentagon reported that more was needed.

AOL & “Operation Hero Miles” Team Up to Help Troops

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) is proud to announce that America Online, Inc., the world’s leading interactive services company, is teaming up with “Operation Hero Miles” to help American troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Operation Hero Miles” will be displayed on America Online’s “Welcome” page, the screen that appears when AOL subscribers first log on, with a special feature about a decorated American soldier. Information about this innovative program that helps troops fly home for free will be featured from 5pm, Thursday, December 11, 2003, until 5am, Friday, December 12th, 2003. View on this Modem Tech Facebook Page more guide you need for this topic.

“Somewhere in America a loved one is going to log on to AOL and that familiar refrain, ‘You’ve Got Mail’ will bring home news from Iraq and Afghanistan of a free flight home for the holidays courtesy of Operation Hero Miles,” said Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger. “AOL should be commended for stepping up for our men and women in uniform and for our country.”

More than 170 million frequent flyer miles have been donated to this program that helps troops on Rest and Relaxation (R and R) from Iraq or Afghanistan or emergency leave get free flights home. The generosity of thousands of travelers this holiday season means soldiers can get 6,700 free plane tickets allowing them to spend quality time with family and friends without worrying about how much it will cost.


US Airways has joined with Operation Hero Miles to offer military service members returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom on Rest & Relaxation (R&R) the gift of travel across the US Airways system. US Airways has made an initial donation of 10 million miles and an invitation to Dividend Miles members to donate additional miles.

Operation Hero Miles was initiated by Congressman C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District. Learn more on this twitter page. The program enables airline frequent flyer program members to donate miles for use by soldiers on R&R leave from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Soldiers very much want to see their families after weeks and months apart, and we want to help make that happen for every family,” said Mike Isom, US Airways managing director of marketing programs and services. “We are pleased and honored to work with Operation Hero Miles to give the gift of travel as a small thanks for the service our military men and women provide to our country.

“Operation Hero Miles” Goes Prime Time with Nine Airlines

Washington, DC – Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) is proud to announce “Operation Hero Miles” goes prime time with nine. Nine airlines, 89 % of the domestic airline market, are giving troops on emergency leave or Rest and Relaxation (R & R) from Iraq and Afghanistan free flights home. US Airways and Midwest Airlines are the latest airlines to announce their participation.

203 million miles have been donated by travelers and the airlines. This means that 8,100 free tickets are available for the troops.

“This means that 8,100 men and women in uniform who are from one corner of the country to the other and many places in between can fly home for free this holiday season. Generous travelers have given our troops and their families a wonderful gift in the true spirit of the season,” said Congressman Ruppersberger. Check out on this facebook page for more news.

The soldiers who have been granted two weeks of R & R are flown to Baltimore Washington International Airport, Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas by the Department of Defense and then required to pay their own way to make connecting flights to their hometowns all across the country. Congressman Ruppersberger is concerned about the financial burden placed on military families and created Operation Hero Miles.